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Why choose stretch zone

Proven Results

At Stretch Zone, our dedication goes beyond mere promises—we deliver tangible outcomes. Whether your goal is to enhance physical capabilities, recuperate from injury, or enhance everyday living, our proven method guarantees your optimal achievement.

Professional Expertise

Our skilled practitioners excel in the practice of stretching. Working closely with you, they’ll craft a personalized stretching routine tailored precisely to your needs and goals so you can be sure to achieve the outcomes you desire. 


Stretch Zone leads the way in practitioner-assisted stretching. Our groundbreaking Stretch Zone Method, built on exclusive stretching techniques and patented equipment, enables us to accurately pinpoint and elongate your muscles, improving mobility and overall wellness.

Holistic Wellness

In addition to the physical benefits, our stretching sessions promote mental relaxation and alleviate stress. After leaving our studio, you’ll feel revitalized, experiencing a profound sense of inner tranquility and equilibrium.


Be more than flexible. Be stretch reflexible.

Stretch Zone has enjoyed helping many pro-athletes reach their athletic best – in the NFL, NBA, MLB, & ATP. This includes sports celebrities from the U.S. Open Champion, the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, and even the IBF Light Heavyweight Champion of the world.

stretch reflex

While conventional approaches aim to enhance “flexibility,” our focus is on improving the stretch reflex.

our method

Exerting force during a stretch heightens the risk of injury. Conversely, executing a smooth and controlled stretch enables muscles to extend fully.


Unlock Your Potential with a praCtitioner-assisted stretch

Feel Lighter & Younger

Stretch Zone’s isolation of individual muscles within a muscle group breaks up the glue, unwrapping the stranglehold on your posture and valuable energy. Proper stretching slows down the aging process. You can feel younger by improving posture, circulation, and increasing range of motion.

Relieve Stiffness & Soreness

Many people walk around with stiff muscles, and it’s not from the gym. Working with an experienced practitioner at Stretch Zone St. Augustine South, you can reestablish a more ideal resting muscle tone, relieving stiffness and soreness through active stretching.

Increase Range of Motion

Our goal isn’t to make you more “flexible” or “elastic,” it is to increase your active range of motion, so that you can move further without feeling a stretch. Stretch Zone works through the nervous system to achieve lasting flexibility gains.

Enhance Physical & Athletic Skills

Unlock greater physical abilities when you reach functional flexibility. With Stretch Zone, you can achieve a greater reaction time, enhance sensory awareness, and develop an increased spatial awareness, unlocking peak performance.

Matt Bailie, St. Augustine South GM

Matt Bailie

General Manager
Kennedy Butterfield, Stretch Practitioner, Stretch Zone St. Augustine South


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Stretch Practitioner

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